Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just like any religion …

… vegetarianism has its zealots who think that their way is the only right way to think, to be, to live. (Not all, just a few.) It's one thing to know unshakably that something is right for you, but entirely another to try to project that on others, besides. These folks'll try any number of tactics to bring everyone to "their" way of thinking, too. Shock, with horrid pictures of suffering animals pasted on placards (or on websites), shame, coercion, bullying, etc. – all for the sake of peace and innocence, of course. ;-)

But I've also noticed something else. It doesn't work for long, and hooray for that. My sincerest admiration goes to those who won't be coerced by such low-life tactics.

People may be repulsed in the short term, but they're usually so disgusted and dismayed that it drives them further away from trying vegetarianism, instead of drawing them closer. They might even continue to eat meat defiantly because they don't want to be like "those people."

I've also noticed something else. Those same people who won't be coerced are also usually kind, thoughtful people, many of them animal lovers. They just aren't vegetarians. And these kind, thoughtful people are pleasantly surprised to learn that they can make a positive impact to lessening animal cruelty and to the environment by a few small changes in behavior. Like going meatless a few meals a week, or only buying free range, or refusing to wear fur. Rendering a little education is much better – and far more respectful – than being a bully.


  1. I found this recent blog posting interesting.


    So if I like eggs, I'm a Nazi.

    Nice way to win folks over. Shock them, and if that doesn't work, resort to name-calling. (And this is from a personal development website. Not a site promoting veganism, per se.)


  2. Yep, nice (not).

    What these guys miss is that they're turning away those who *could* be educated, gently. If you read a little further in that post (assuming you're not so disgusted you just turn away immediately, and can't blame you if you do), the writer does say that you can eat eggs and still get them compassionately.

    So, hey, bright idea: Why not present that without all the shock value smut? True or not, there are much better and more effective ways to present the information posted there.