Monday, April 9, 2007

The Lazy Vegan Blog

Hi, everybody:

Well, I'm venturing into the land of bloggers, with this first Lazy Vegan-related blog. I'm doing this in part to get my own creative juices going again. As you know, The Lazy Vegan was originally meant to be a weekly newsletter, which ran out of steam relatively quickly because, as I've said, I truly hate to cook. So while I can occasionally post a recipe here and there, once I ran out of my stash of "tried and true" recipes, I felt like I really didn't have much else to talk about. Hence, the long delay in between newsletters. I appreciate everyone's posts asking me where I'd gone and I have always intended to make the newsletter a regular thing once again.

I posted to the newsletter in February, because in fact, I did have a recipe to post, but it's not likely that newsletter postings from here on out will have many recipes. However, I want to use the blog for an ideas exchange with you. Is there anything you would like to talk about or know about that I can address as a topic in the newsletter? Feel free to leave your comments here. I'll take ideas from the exchange and use those to write new content for the newsletter.

Thanks, and hoping to hear from you!