Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Getting along in a non-veggie world: “Eat before you go”

Let’s face it, we veggies are in the minority when it comes to society in most parts of the US, if not other parts of the world. Whether you’re a lazy vegan like me or are a bit more stringent in your views, it usually comes to pass that at some point, you’re going to be in a situation where you’re flying solo as a veggie; some of your comrades probably won’t even know that “vegetarianism” does not embrace chicken as a food (ever have someone say, “Oh, you don’t eat meat? Okay. Well, we have chicken. Do you eat chicken?” Um …).

Most of the time, family and friends are probably perfectly willing to prepare something special or you can bring your own, but if you’re at a company gathering or someplace you can’t check ahead to make sure you can get something substantial for dinner, eat before you go (at least for me, half a baked potato and some canned green beans just won’t fly for an entire evening). Not so much that you’re stuffed full and not at all hungry, but enough so that if all you’re going to get is some lettuce, you’re fine until you get home and can finish filling up. That way, you can eat your salad without wanting to rudely devour the wax fruit on the table, and even enjoy the evening without worrying that you’ll faint from hunger.


  1. Ah, no wonder my gradual transition to vegetarianism hasn't been too rough (yet?). The tip to eat before going out to eat isn't unlike the tip Weight Watchers gives you. And I am well-acquainted with their tips! :)

    This is a good one.

  2. Yep, most of the world (this part of it, anyway) has not yet caught onto what "vegetarian" means. :-) Thanks, Joselle!