Monday, June 21, 2010

Go ... fish?

I'm still writing The Lazy Vegan on occasion, and at some point may pick it up on a more regular basis, but I just wanted to check in with everyone and say that my need for fish has disappeared (permanently?) since I discovered something. I'm not affiliated with this product in any way, but have found that it seems to satisfy my protein requirements without having to eat fish (and gives a good fiber boost too, which is a bonus). It's called Nutiva Hemp Protein and Fiber Powder. I get it on Amazon with their subscription service, which shaves 15% off the price. (Yes, it's made from hemp, which has gotten a bad name because it's in the same family of plants as marijuana, but it's a non-drug plant that's in fact chock-full of nutrients with none of the mood altering effects of marijuana.)

My boyfriend and I both take it in the morning (me in water, my boyfriend in milk) as part of breakfast, and it doesn't taste bad at all. (My boyfriend does eat meat, but likes the protein boost and energy it gives him, too.)

It's not "delicious," but I like the way it energizes me so much that I don't mind the taste. If you find it very unpalatable, you could mix it in juice instead of water. Just wanted to give we "wanna be vegans" a heads up if you're struggling to try to meet protein requirements and find meat seems to be your only option even though you'd rather not eat it. I can say I haven't craved fish once since I started to take this. To me, that's peace of mind. :-) YMMV.


  1. Hello Lazy Vegan
    I found your Blog and started reading it, I am always open to new information in the area of Health, Wealth, and Well-being. Thank you for sharing your blog. Regarding the Hemp protein, your right it has gotten a bad rap, but that is mostly because Big Pharma can't patent the gorgeous plant and turn it into a BIG money making medicine. Nature knows best what is healing to the body.That being said I wanted to share some info About Hemp

    Hemp is one of the purest, most complete plants on Earth.

    Its uses are many and varied; of particular value to humans are the nutritional and healing properties of Hemp seed and its oil.

    Hemp grows almost anywhere and requires no pesticides or fertilizer. The plant is good both for the soil and the atmosphere. The potential for Hemp is vast - including sustainable bio-mass (power) and bio-diesel (fuel).

    Hemp also makes an excellent source of textile and paper. The fibers are long and very strong, making the most beautiful fabric and paper. Many of the world's most famous historical works are written on hemp paper.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, Peter. I had known these things about hemp before (as a fan, too), and know that if its cultivation could be encouraged rather than restricted, we'd do a lot of good for the planet and its inhabitants -- people and animals -- too. I'm not averse to legalizing marijuana, most especially because I think that would really also open the door to hemp cultivation with all of its benefits. (Never indulged in pot, but have done some research into it and find that its risks and benefits are probably about equal to alcohol.)

  3. I haven't heard about this before - will need to check it, and the nutritional value of hemp out. Thanks for the post

  4. It's been about six months since I began using it, and still really "like" it. I can't say I enjoy the taste even now, but mixed with OJ, it's not bad, and I just love how it makes me feel, really satisfied in a way other veggie-based proteins just don't. YMMV, of course. :-)